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Value and benefits of hotel reviews article includes tips on how to choose the right hotels for your upcoming weekend escapes or holidays. Let’s say you are in the process of choosing a hotel. Picking the right hotel is an important part of the planning process. Have in mind that hotels differ from one country to another and rooms in Europe are much smaller. From the moment you know your budget you search for the one that will meet your expectations. Start with the hotel’s overview description and if you assure that it covers your expectations move on to check hotel reviews. There are usually so many of them but try not to be daunted. They can only be valuable if you know the correct way to spot if the writer exaggerates or if one has the purpose of writing something only to harm the business.

How to get the best out of user reviews

Whichever review website you use

  • Be very sceptical of both the highest praising and the most damning reviews – particularly if they sit at odds with other reviews.
  • Don’t rely on the opinions or ratings of just a few reviews. Sites offering reviews are trustworthy and useful when they have dozens of reviews of a hotel – especially when the comments repeatedly make similar assertions.
  • Place more faith on detailed reviews – they are less likely to have been fabricated.
  • Look for reviews with photos – they are more likely to be authentic.
  • Focus on reviews written by people like you. Many websites let you filter reviews in such a way that you’re shown only those written by people travelling alone, or as a family, and so forth.

Value and Benefits of Hotel Reviews

The hotel’s rating

The number of reviews listed under the hotel count a lot because you will get a much more accurate overview of the hotel with higher number of reviews. Start with the ratings –the higher the better. Spend the first 3 minutes only to check the ‘excellent’ comments but get straight to the lowest and read at least 5 or 6 such reviews. If the problem is repeated check the date the review was written. Perhaps the incident was recent or it was something that happened long ago. If you judge the negative is minor and you don’t mind about it that much, go for it. Hotels with fewer reviews don’t necessarily mean that they are not good. Probably they are new, but high score does carry more weight. Normally, if you read 8-10 reviews should be enough.

Content of Reviews

Value and Benefits of Hotel Reviews

Read hotel reviews objectively and decide what is important for you. Imagine yourself there. Most common negatives are those when guests usually are bothered by a hard bed, the bad view, lack of coffee/tea facilities, street noise, TV channels and poor breakfast.

Hotel Expectations

Consider where you are going and adjust your expectations accordingly. If you are travelling to a poor country expect different standards. Rooms would be small, probably with no lifts -something you should consider. Time to decide which one to book. Don’t book a hotel that you read many negatives just because it appears cheaper because it can totally spoil your holidays. Ignore it, and check another one.

Making the Booking

Because it will be your ‘home’ for the days you will be spending out there, it has to provide a good night’s sleep, and be in a safe area. Pick a central hotel if you plan sight-seeing to avoid delays with trains or buses and save on transport fees.

Value and Benefits of Hotel Reviews

Booking com

Smart Travelling loves using Booking.com for hotels as it has more than 850.000 properties in 221 countries and territories. It is offered in more than 40 languages, and each day has over 950.000 room nights’ reservations through its website. Booking.com claims to be the number one hotel reservation service in the world. From our own experience hotels in Europe prefer it and hoteliers believe that it has significant distribution power.

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