A Unique Wellbeing Experience!

The Wellness Spa – Electra Palace Athens was another lovely surprise during our stay at this lovely hotel. I felt totally spoilt the moment I climbed down the flight of stairs and entered the humble area of the Spa with the small indoor pool early that morning. I was made welcome by Marina and I had the “welcoming wooden tool massage” that anyone visiting the Spa can enjoy. It was a matter of 3 or 4 minutes in reality but I did enjoy it. There was a pleasant fragrance in the air and an inviting ambience. Seeing Marina talking with such passion about the popular Cretan Company O.LIVE and the different therapies, I was totally convinced to arrange one such treatment. Finally, a combined package to fit my own needs was arranged for me that same afternoon and I was anxiously waiting for it. In the meantime, I had loads of work outdoors and by the time I was back I was really feeling exhausted. I had time only for a shower in the suite and had a cup of coffee before I close the door of our suite and head to the Wellness Spa.

Indoor Pool

I show up at the Wellness Spa the set timing and was made welcome by Tena this time. The usual procedure followed by filling up a form with my medical history. Alexandra was then appointed to be my therapist and shortly after, I am escorted to the waiting lounge to enjoy a Cretan herbal tea prior to the treatment.

Wellness Spa – Electra Palace Athens

Later on and during the session, Alexandra answers queries I have and step by step explains the properties and benefits of the products and the package of treatments I am having. “Feet are washed” in my case sprayed, the exfoliation of body scrub to remove dead cells with benefits of Salt and high-quality Oils to follow, a shower next, and a deep tissue body Cretan massage with a rich lotion of my choice for the end.

What a ritual! Alexandra managed to remove all my tension. The Greek Herb Treatment goes back in time through the ancient techniques used to achieve rejuvenation and balancing of body and soul. Be sure to try both the Cretan and Greek Herb treatment. Just as excellent was my facial. It was so skillfully done that gave my skin a really healthy glow, which felt gorgeous for a couple of days. Back at the Relax Lounge, I am brought a bowl of hot water with drops of essential oils to inhale, while waiting for the next pampering gesture of a cool drink of natural pomegranate juice with detoxifying properties.

Wellness Spa – Electra Palace Athens

Bottom Line

Wellness Spa Electra Palace Athens encompasses the best of nature to give guests a unique well-being experience with fantastic products making you feel brilliant inside and out. The renowned brands used, guarantee a blissful experience, worth giving it a try. I enjoyed the time spent here not having to worry about work or the stresses of the daily routine and being helped to loosen up. A big thanks to all three ladies, with an extra credit to Tena. The result? A unique spa treatment that made me feel so pleasantly relaxed and happy, totally relieved from muscle pain. In all, the Wellness Spa -Electra Palace Athens, is the ideal place to lose yourself for a few hours. I returned home feeling pampered and cared-for. Be sure not to miss it if you decide to stay at this hotel.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Wellness Spa Electra Palace Athens  during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.

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  1. Stayed at this hotel recently with Mum but the stay was too short. Planning to be back in the same hotel this summer. It was fabulous!


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