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The Editor of Smart Travelling Blog Magazine is Popi Papazoglou. She is a Professional Travel Guide Writer, a Hotel Advisor & Food Critic who has previously collaborated for a while with TUV Rheinland as an Auditor in Mystery Guest Services. Leaving behind the career of her English teaching classes she decides to focus on her passion for travel and has already visited 46 countries, several of which with repeated visits. Back in 2009 and for several years, she collaborates with TravelPod and is granted the complete control of her own forum on Cyprus and Greece.  She has been awarded twice as the “Best Hotel Reviewer of the Year” on VirtualTourist, and for the last seven consecutive years, she has achieved Top ranking on TripAdvisor in Greece and Cyprus.  The result of her very detailed and extended reviews on Hotels and Restaurants manage to attract much traffic. Her Readership Statistics comes to 1.879,370 readers out of 1,765 reviews.

Food Critic

In the capacity of a Food Critic Popi travels a lot, eating her way through every nook and cranny and has been one to enjoy the finer things in life for her entire existence. Readers following can experience fine culinary journeys and tips. The main aim of the list of Restaurants is to help visitors choose the best and avoid commercial tourist traps.



Her second passion, grows through her travel and you will find lots of photo-heavy blogs on places she visits. The Major themes of her Travel Blog Magazine are Hotel stays, Restaurant Culinary Tasting experiences, Travel Hacks and Tips.

Discovering the Outside Walls

Always fascinated with travel and hotels it is our belief that a good hotel entices you to explore and gives you sure footing in which to discover what is outside its walls. Traveling experience has taught us to absorb the essence of countless destinations and have found that from an opulent château to a secluded beach front shack, a hotel is the gateway into the tastes, aesthetics, culture, sounds, and overall vibe of its locale.

The Real Goal

The real goal of Smart Travelling – Luxury Travel Blog Magazine is to share the privileged knowledge of the editor on unique Hotel life and Food and all of the details that go into creating that perfect guest experience. The editor focuses her creative efforts on featuring only the best of the best. The recommended hotels are always marked by character, charm, friendliness, history, style and beauty. The goal is also to share some amazing travel experiences and tips with you so that you can plan your own trip, develop a wish list, find your own ‘best luxury travel moment’ or just come along for the ride.

Growing up our Community

Our community is soon to grow bigger with Contributors and Local Experts, passionate travelers and bloggers to inspire, connect and empower our readers around the world with their trusted and honest perspective on destinations around us. Further to the above, our aim is to provide readers with an antidote by celebrating the people, places and cultures that make this world so wonderfully diverse and amazing. An integral part of the community to be, is to create Meet Ups and Getaways around Europe and not only..


The Smart Travelling Luxury Blog Magazine can become your friend, a really cool friend who constantly travels, staying at the most interesting places you can lay your head.

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