Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel is a vacationer’s paradise-like resort with a cosmopolitan spirit and the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate in undisturbed tranquillity. Located close to the heart of Limassol’s highlighted tourist area, the hotel stands out on the list of my favourite in Limassol. The island of Cyprus is still gorgeous, warm and fabulous in October and I spent the last 3 nights of my business trip out here. Member of The Leading Hotels of the World, it is not just superb but the one on the peak that justly competes with its sister hotel the Four Seasons under the management of Muskita Hotels. If you have ever wondered if enough is going here, you can be assured that you could stay for a month without twiddling your thumbs!


I was well aware that if I arrive half an hour earlier, the suite might not be ready, yet it was not a problem at all. On the contrary, I would have time to enjoy the welcoming drink, make a couple of phone calls and arrange the day’s appointments. Check-in was a matter of a couple of minutes as a repeater. Luggage was kept by the porter, who later on escorted me to the suite and explained a few things about the functioning of the TV channels and air conditioning. The warm welcoming and excellent service set the tone for the rest of my stay!

Character and Style

Luxury Amathus Limassol Beach Hotel is just as breathtaking as its surroundings. The interior is every bit as sleek, elegant and modern as you can imagine. It offers a sense of tranquillity and harmony in a sharp mixture of a lighter tone and soft patters. Guests can enjoy a feeling of tranquil and balance throughout the premises.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel – Cyprus

What was the Sea View Room 348 like?

The average in size room, elegantly designed oozes comfort, relaxation and all things a vacation in Cyprus demands. It featured a comfortable king-size bed, and I liked to return to the room and sprawl out on and sink into my bed after a big leisure day between a morning stroll and endless hours by the beach.

The closet provided lots of storage place and big drawers to fit all kind of belongings, while the desk area was great for those like me, who mix business with pleasure and need a proper space to work. I appreciated the USB charging ports. Another nice touch was you could control the room’s lighting from either side of the bed. Contemporary elements like this make all the difference to me, as I travel so frequently for work and leisure. The room, in general, came with little extras such as coffee /tea facilities, a fully stocked mini-fridge, a safe; as for the housekeeping service, it was one of the best aspects of the room.

There was a tiny seating space right by the double-glazed wall to ceiling door, made up of a stylish orange armchair, a small rotunda table and a converted sofa that could fold out to a single bed. As for the impressive oversized mirror, not only did it make the room feel more prominent, but you could also check your appearance from head to toe.

Complimentary Treat

A bowl of seasonal fruit was the complimentary treat the day of arrival and a farewell gift the night before departure. Being on FB, I had access to the different restaurants, so there was nothing I couldn’t have if only I wanted it!

The Bathroom

The bathroom was compact but in no way cramped, comfortably fitting in a tropical rain shower over a modern bathtub. This time, the set of my favourite Italian Etro brand luxury toiletries, giving that extra ultimate comfort.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel – Cyprus

But what is there to do?

Luxury Amathus Limassol Beach Hotel is the best place to have a replenishing escape, spend some time resting and recharging. There is as much or as little to do as suits you.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

While here, I needed time to myself and I was quite happy holing up in my suite if not outdoors swimming, reading, walking, napping and enjoying quality wine. How I wish I hadn’t had the eye infection which was getting worse and worse day after day! The hotel provides separate space for families with children and at the same time, ensures the tranquillity for its adult guests.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Surrounded by lush, tropical gardens with the bright blue sky overhead, it’s easy to lose entire days swimming and making the most of it, and this is what I did while here.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The exotic garden is a marvel with plenty of sun-loungers nicely set, with space between them. At the same time, the two sandy patches connect ideally with the public coastal path, which is very popular.

What is the beach like?

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The beach was a sun lover’s haven, even the beginning of November when I was here the weather was great and the waters warm, calm and crystal. Getting there early was no point since there were fewer people, and as I was up promptly to get a glimpse and take photos of the beautiful sunrises, I had almost the beach to myself the time I was out there. Without an extra effort, I could easily have a private garden cabana and a sun lounger at the beach. Although I was on a business trip, yet I felt like a holiday out here at the Luxury Amathus Hotel Limassol, which is rare for me, I switched off and tried my best to unwind. Best time of the day during the peak season to enjoy swimming at its full is to get to the beach early when the sea is still calm, and the coast is not crowded.

What is all the Fuss about the Indoor Pool and Spa?

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Carried away with the beach, the palm trees and lush greenery of the exotic garden as well as my beautiful cabana, on this last stay, I did not bother using any of the outdoor freshwater pools or the indoor one. Just for the record, however, I ought to mention that the 20-metre-long grand indoor seawater-pool which is heated the winter months, is extremely popular. Its design is a marvel with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the tropical garden.

How is the Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel Children Friendly?

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

There is the exclusive sandy beach area for families equipped with beach toys and another one that combines a waterpark-style children’s pool. Besides the babysitting service, the Pelican Kids Club is bursting with indoor and outdoor activities with entertaining programmes, sports and competitions depending on their age and interest. While children keep happily busy, parents can enjoy their privacy -guilt-free!

Athina Lounge

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The indoor and outdoor moonlit terrace setting of the Athina Lounge has it all; live music, creative cocktails, selected light food dishes, panoramic views. The ideal spot to unwind, socialize or relax and enjoy the moment.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Talk me Through the Food Situation

The venue at the refurbished Kalypso, the all-day restaurant of the Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel is nothing short of spectacular thanks to several factors; its awe-inspiring taste offerings, the stunning design and the unmatched environment. I LOVED Loved loved the food and drink options, on full board this time – I don’t know where to start!

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The ample daylight of the interior is essential to the nature-inspired theme. The outer wall is a kind of a glass curtain which is stripping during the summer months to provide a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors; to a Mediterranean setting in the shade of pink bougainvillaeas overlooking the exotic palm tree garden and the adults’ pool.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The outdoor setting is fantastic, while the service was as always exceptional.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Essential for a fundamental part of hospitality is the quality, ingredients, freshness and philosophy behind the choice of the buffet, and here at the Kalypso Restaurant, these factors were exceptional in every way.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Gourmet Gastronomy

I enjoyed the freshest selection of meals all three nights I was here, and that for I have to rate it as excellent.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffets were nothing more than a gastronomic oasis of eclectic cuisine options, a feast of the senses. Moreover, the exceptional customer service here and throughout the restaurants of the hotel equals with excellence -the kind of equation I love and support. Of course, you might think that no lunch or dining experience is complete without dessert, and here the choice was abundant. I had to add and share several stories and posts through my stay experience on my Instagram account.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel – Cyprus

The Limanaki Restaurant

Spoiled for choice this gourmet Fish Restaurant serves exceptional daily caught fish delicacies. Dining under the moonlight, it is located right by the beach. Have a sneak peek of the previous Tasting Experience at Limanaki Restaurant Limassol – Cyprus and by all means, see that you try it!


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Dining at the awarded gourmet LIMANAKI Fish Restaurant of the Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol! @amathuslimassol Can you imagine or dreaming yourselves dining out here on a full moon summer night? Vivid memories come to mind from that spectacular summer night, embraced by the tranquil ambience and exciting decor of the restaurant, enjoying the breath-taking views under the full moonlight to the scintillating Mediterranean. Limanaki Restaurant is awarded as ‘Top Notch’ Restaurant at the Toque D’or awards 2019. Spoiled for choice, I started off with the Fish soup that evening; however, the full menu and what followed you will be able to find about it on another post. I left with an absolute feeling of satisfaction like every other time I am back there! #pickoftheday #skyline #sky #capture #instaworld #travelgram #nature #horizon #instagood #view #sunsetlovers #truereflection #travelling #seetheworld #amazingplaces #instamacro #colours #europe_perfection #living_europe #discover_europe_ #ig_europa #europe_vacations #europestyle_ #super_europe #love_europe #total_europe #nature_greece #visit_greece #loves_greece_ #hello_worldpics

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I arranged to dine here the first evening, and besides the Fish Soup that I started with, I had Oysters, pan-fried Red-mullet, boiled Veggies and oven-fried potatoes. Everything was superb, tastes exquisite as always, but for the fish soup! It was average. Service was exceptional as always. I finished off with mango ice cream, followed by a Cypriot spoon delicacy and a shot of mastic liqueur. For an excellent selection of wines and particular grill cuts cooked in a wood-fired oven, click to check the dining experience; The Grill Room Restaurant Limassol.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The Art & Style Hair Salon

The night before my flight, I arranged an appointment to have my hair blow-dry at the Hair Salon. Located opposite the gym room, although small in size and humble, yet the service of the expert and skilful hairdresser in charge was second to none. The result was excellent and highly recommended.

Luxury Amathus Limassol Hotel - Cyprus

The Company has four in all branches, one located at the neighbouring sister hotel, the Four Seasons. Guests can totally rely on it for one of the latest hairstyles, cutting, colouring, extensions or for that special day of your wedding.

My Verdict

The Luxury Amathus Limassol Beach Hotel is a place you can tastefully immerse yourself and those you love in sheer elegance and refinement. The service flawless like always and staff punctual when I needed them the most; I would like to thank them for that. The property itself is just amazing and left with a pleasing palate, relaxed and happy. The last three nights of my trip to Cyprus were nothing short of perfection.


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Luxury Amathus Limassol Beach Hotel during this stay, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.



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