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Melia Cohiba-Havana, is a sophisticated property located in Havana’s central Vedado district on the seafront. The perfect place to lounge around on days off from exploring the amazing and historic city. The vibe of the hotel is modern luxury. There is a cigar-tasting club, a beauty parlour and shops. Child ages at this property are up to and including 11 years. Handicapped friendly.

To get advantage of cheaper flight costs for our stay at the Melia Cohiba-Havana, we arranged to travel as part of a group from Athens and join-in on their sight-seeing tours in Havana. The whole group was staying at the sister hotel -Melia Habana for a week before setting off on their round trip of Cuba but we chose the Cohiba for more privacy. We were to meet them again at Melia Varadero where they would spend the very last (half) day there with us before as a group again, catch our flight back home. The plane landed a little before midnight. We had arranged with Melia Cohiba to be picked from the airport but after 30’ of waiting in vain and quite disappointed we decide to wait no longer but get any taxi to drive us to the hotel.

Melia Cohiba – Havana


Melia Cohiba - HavanaWeary and weak after our long day’s flight the only thing we could think of was a nice bed. In the taxi and on our way to the hotel, midnight sent out imaginations running wild, mystery and intrigue loomed around every bend. Lamp posts flickered on empty concrete streets, soft light diffused against decaying buildings…I can’t say we enjoyed such ride in the state we were.

Melia Cohiba – Havana

Melia Cohiba - HavanaIt was a relief to pull up to the Melia Cohiba. Paid the taxi driver and requested receipt which we indicated to the receptionist and got a refund. The management did apologize for the inconvenience so it was fine with us. Melia Cohiba – Havana is a five star hotel for Cuba, but perhaps a little less than four stars for European countries and the States. If you have this in mind from the beginning like we did, then your stay will be fine. We had a warm welcome at the reception and had our luggage carried to the room.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaMelia Cohiba – Havana stands in contrast to the surrounding dilapidated neighborhoods and other nearby run-down hotels. By night it shows off its true glory. Huge floodlights cast a blue-green, metallic-like glow on the facade, turning it into an otherworldly beacon as a single message for better days in Cuba.

Melia Cohiba – Havana

Melia Cohiba - HavanaThe vibe of the hotel is a modern luxury the second you walk in. Out of the research Smart Travelling did while in Havana, the Melia Cohiba seems to be the most updated of all, with newer and more modern furniture, decor and amenities. The front desk goes above and beyond here, too, as you might expect at a luxury hotel.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaRoom

We had a room on the 21st floor on ‘The Level’ which was impeccably clean, bright and spacious. Located on the last four floors these rooms and suites boast breathtaking views of the sea and the city. Ours was average size, the air conditioning worked well and the interior was absolutely beautiful but overlooked the city! The double bed was harder than we liked but it was firm and restful.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaWe had two complimentary bottles of water only upon our arrival. The Wi-Fi at the Melia Cohiba is free and you can connect up to two devices at a time, but note that it’s really slow, as it is all over Cuba! The service was great and enjoyed personalized service.

Melia Cohiba – Havana


Melia Cohiba - HavanaBathroom

Melia Cohiba - HavanaA well-appointed bathroom, impeccably clean and functional. The water pressure and shower were great and amenities of excellent quality. Robes and slippers were provided a magnifying mirror and a hairdryer.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaLocation

The hotel is a 10 minute ride from the city center but it is easy walking to the ocean and a few other sites. Melia Cohiba provides free shuttle at certain times of the day –just get yourselves a timetable. It runs hourly from 10 am and has a siesta during the mid-afternoon. The shuttle will drop you off by the Artesian’s Plaza and will also pick you up from there. It may not be convenient only if you are on a limited visit and you want to take advantage of Havana, so the time is frankly too late to start your sight-seeing tour. If this is the case, the alternative is a short taxi drive (20 peso return) into Old Havana which is not bad at all. The third option is the Hop on Hop Off and there is a bus-stop just outside the hotel.


Melia Cohiba - HavanaBreakfast on the 20th floor overlooking the ocean was phenomenal! The buffet was extended with open kitchen and cooks to order omelet.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaThere was a nice selection of tropical fruit and juice. Coffee was average, fruit compared to what we find in our markets were not that fancy but they were extremely tasty. The variety of offerings on the whole would appeal to all tastes.


Melia Cohiba - HavanaThe food in the buffet restaurant was average with a decent selection. We dined at the Italian and Chinese restaurants and the food was quite good. My husband loved the Carbonara and he had it twice. I preferred the pizza but on the whole food in Havana did not excite us as we expected.

Melia Cohiba – Havana

Melia Cohiba - HavanaSalads and Dips

Melia Cohiba - Havana

We ate at the poolside restaurant on a number of occasions and staff and service were excellent. The mojitos in the bar were 5.50 (most other places 3.50) but they were strong. A hamburger was around 10.00.

 Pool and Garden

Melia Cohiba - HavanaMelia Cohiba - HavanaThe pool of Melia happens to be the biggest in Cuba although not deep, it is a nice place to relax during the heat of the day.

Cigar Club

Melia Cohiba - Havana
Cigar club interior

The hotel offers entertainment venues, however the cigar club on the second floor was best. Very cozy and excellent music…a great way to end each evening.

Melia Cohiba - HavanaCuban Cigars

Melia Cohiba - Havana

Smart Travelling toured Old Havana and it was encouraging to see these historic buildings in restored glory. We hardly passed a bar without a drink and swept into small boutiques and kiosks full of art, handicrafts, and antiques. Music was everywhere we went. We did not enjoy fine dining though anywhere in Havana and decided not to post restaurant reviews as more or less the quality and taste is average. Try the Café del Oriente and Conde del Castillo perhaps. Both owned by the State and are in the City center.

Melia Cohiba - Havana

Melia Cohiba - HavanaThe Verdict

Frankly speaking, elsewhere in the world Smart Travelling would have rated this Hotel 4* the maximum but what they manage to deliver in a still scarce resources environment is impressive. The cons are typical Cuban –erratic Wi Fi shortages (no white wine in the hotel during our stay) but nevertheless it is a great property and we did enjoy our stay. Melia Cohiba – Havana, is best for those seeking modern amenities. After a full day of touring, it is a relief to return to a place where customary comforts and amenities are available. There are new luxury hotels coming to Havana, so it will get more competitive – but for now, this is probably the best luxury hotel in the city.

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