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Melia Varadero – Cuba is a superior all-inclusive five-star resort. Located on the beach, next to Plaza America Convention Center and near Varadero’s Golf Club. The rooms are well equipped and all enjoy great views. There is a 24-hour front desk, babysitting service, a hairdresser’s, and gift shop at the property. Melia Varadero is a steady value and remains a flagship of good taste, comfort and service.

Melia Varadero - Cuba
Main entrance -Melia Varadero

The facade of Melia Varadero hotel is almost like all the rest, a bit like a socialist concrete-block building, but don’t let cheat yourselves. Anyhow, for the first look we were also surprised, but the interior is another story!

Indoor Tropical Garden

Melia Varadero - CubaSetting off from Havana we used a tourist couch. If we had followed the group we came with from Greece we would have needed at least one extra week to relax ater that extremely tiring trip the group had which several members admitted after their trip was over. The tour bus we got for Varadero was full and had a short stop on the way which was fine. The downside started from the moment we reach Varadero. The bus would stop in every hotel to drop off tourists. We got desperate with all this delay and the worst was that Melia Varadero was the last drop-off that day. The delay exceeded the hour. We were finally here and could not wait longer, anxious to step off and start living our beach-holiday dream.

Melia Varadero – Cuba

Melia Varadero - Cuba

We had a further 10 minute delay with the checking-in as other guests were ahead of us but it was not a problem. The welcoming drink was well appreciated and we had our luggage carried to the room. We are staying for a week on HB which was our choice even though for very little we could be on all inclusive.

Melia Varadero - Cuba
Tropical garden from a higher point

Moving on,  further inside we come across the tropical garden. An impressive dome crowns the lobby which is decorated with cool tropical foliage, while bright flowers cascade down from the interior balconies, creating an illusion of a tropical oasis. This circular lobby with natural light, the artificial lake and hanging gardens, is the main attraction.


Melia Varadero - Cuba

We had one of the classic rooms, which was spacious enough and we felt satisfied that we could make it here in the first place. If it hadn’t been for a last minute cancellation, we would have gone to another Melia property. The interior was impeccably clean and functional with a small balcony overlooking part of the gardens and in the distance the beach. Perhaps we were really lucky, because we were trying to book a suite but there was none vacant. Between us, if you spend only a few hours in the room like we did, it does not make sense to pay the price-gap which is quite high. The king size bed was a bit hard but just the idea of being lucky enough to find this one and only room, and the fact that we really managed to come to Varadero, makes any downside seem minor.

Melia Varadero - Cuba
Room Service

There were days that we preferred taking our breakfast in our room instead of having it in the crowded restaurant. By the way, the service was top-notch! The entrance door of our room was not really that soundproof and twice the whole wing was disturbed late after midnight with giggles and talking in the corridor.


Melia Varadero - CubaThe bathroom was average sized with bathtub and plenty of hot water. The crispy towels were changed daily and there were a magnifying mirror, robes and slippers and plenty of toiletries.


Melia Varadero - CubaWe had the first meal of the day at the colonial interior of the Habana restaurant each morning. You can find so much out here. Lots of food displayed, great quality …ample of choice, something for everyone. We had to wait several minutes to get an omelet but we did not mind, and I enjoyed the seasonal fruit mostly while my husband the pastries.

Melia Varadero - Cuba

Melia Varadero - CubaRegarding cleanness, the hotel staff keeps everything clean and tidy, from your room through the restaurant till the seashore. Thank you Miran for being there for us.  We could have access to internet only through an internet card that the hotel sold. We had it for the first 2 days but never bothered to renew it. If you are in such paradise it is easy to forget everything else isn’t it?

Melia Varadero - Cuba
A daily scene -bird guests!

The whole hotel was well kept by Cuban standards, being aware that it is difficult to obtain the raw materials needed for repairs easily in Cuba. The communal areas were well decorated, and the layout easy to navigate.


Melia Varadero - Cuba

Nothing makes you feel more on holiday than to eat on the shore with a view of the beach and the ocean. Enjoying seafood while traditional Cuban music is played in the area. The perfect seating for luxury beach holidays! There is a total of 6 restaurants in the premises and for some of them you have to reserve a day earlier. We almost tried all. In these restaurants a dress code is requested. We dined twice at the beach restaurant.

Melia Varadero - CubaMelia Varadero - CubaMelia Varadero - CubaIn terms of food, sure not the greatest but despite the general lack of good food in Cuba the steakhouse restaurant was great. The La Habana buffet restaurant was also good with plenty of choice. We dined twice at the Sakura the Japanese restaurant and chefs were entertaining at the show cooking tables. The La Habana serves both lunch and dinner buffets but it is always way too noisy out there.

Melia Varadero - CubaAs for beverage, guests on all-inclusive had a few complimentary drings and some cocktails, but they had to pay extra for any branded or imported ones.

Poolside – Melia Varadero

Melia Varadero - CubaThe swimming pool area and the animation staff are the best part of this hotel for the majority of guests especially families.

Melia Varadero - CubaThere were scuba diving lessons and several other pool and beach activities that were in high demand and entertained guests daily.

Melia Varadero - Cuba

Melia Varadero - Cuba

Melia Varadero - CubaMelia Varadero - CubaThe animation staff was incredible during day and night time. We enjoyed the music in the piano bar provided by a variety of different musicians. We returned home along with several CD’s that we liked to buy from the groups that played for us while there, only to keep memory strong. How we missed all that!


Melia Varadero - CubaMelia Varadero - CubaThe white sandy beach close to the hotel is a plus. It is spectacular and one of those we see in our dreams. White sands, turquoise water, beach, palm trees and hammocks, coconuts, Cuban music, sunsets, beautiful people! What more to ask out of such dreamy holidays. With every blink you feel yourself in a Bacardi-commercial poster. Simply amazing!

Melia Varadero - Cuba

We did not face problems getting sunbeds and always found shade whether under a tree or a beach umbrella.  I can’t comment on the pool area as we are beach dwellers but I suspect you may have to be there a little earlier if you want a shady spot.

Melia Varadero - CubaAnother great point, was having the beach so easily accessible. A few steps away from the pool area, down a flight of steps and you’re on the beach. Just for the record the hotel is located to one of the best parts of the 20-22km long beach of Varadero.

Melia Varadero - CubaBreathtaking Sunsets

Melia Varadero - CubaEvery moment spent at the Melia Varadero was extremely precious to us and there was so much to do. Never bothered leave the premises to the center.

Melia Varadero - CubaHow could we leave such paradise for anything else! From a distance Melia Varadero is like a 6-petal flower in the style of a pyramid surrounded by tropical gardens. It is spectacular! The attitude of the hotel staff is excellent. Everyone is checking how they can help you and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Melia Varadero - CubaVerdict

The Melia Varadero, 5*star Luxury hotel is great for families, friends and couples. Smart Travelling highly recommends it as the perfect vacation destination. Our time at the Melia Varadero was a great experience and really enjoyed our stay in every aspect. Things we liked most were, the beach, the hotel’s grounds, the top notch service, the night shows and restaurants. If you are looking for a very special experience in Varadero, then book your holidays at this property with no doubt!

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