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Art Hotel Wroclaw justly deserves its award for the most beautiful interiors. It is elegant and stylish, a hotel with character and its location could not be better. Art Hotel Wroclaw is in the very heart of the city, close to the charming Kiełbaśnicza Street and the Market Square, close to municipal offices, institutions and businesses. Before arriving, I already knew that the Art Hotel Wroclaw was exactly the type of hotel I love to stay in; boutique, personal and stylish.

Style and Character

The building of the Art Hotel Wroclaw dates back to the 16th century, which gives the hotel a sense of historic grandeur in its staircases and the central iron-gated lift column, and has since been used as tenant lodging as well as a publishing house. Art Hotel Wroclw also boasts its own dwarf (a feature of Wroclaw; the city has more than 160 small, bronze dwarf statues spread across it), Arcik the Traveller, who welcomes guests just outside the front door.


The attic rooms

We arrived in the afternoon travelling all the way from Krakow and we were made welcomed with a smile. The check-in procedure did not take more than 5 or 6 minutes and with the key in hand headed to the suite. We enjoyed excellent customer service during the stay, and the staff were friendly and ready to help.

Art Hotel Wroclaw – Poland


I had an attic room, average in size to the highest point of the building and under the roof. It felt nice and comfy but although it had a classically touch of elegance, yet its interior was a little tired. The king size bed all to myself was the dominating the room. The sheets were silky soft, the pillows were fluffy and the mattress below felt like a cloud. There was no better feeling than crashing into this bed after two busy days of exploring Wroclaw. I loved that the room was to the highest point which meant that it had very little noise disruption.

Art Hotel Wroclaw – Poland

The feeling of staying up in the attic with just two tiny triangular windows exited me. I felt as if I was on top of a cloud. The view was not the greatest but I had no problem. Wi Fi was fast and free. There was a mini fridge and a safe. The facilities, the style, the atmosphere on the whole in the hotel was great.

The complimentary treat at the Art Hotel Wroclaw was the standard 2 bottles of water that all hotels provide in Poland but when I requested coffee/tea facilities I had them fetched in the room in less than 7 minutes. This gesture made a whole difference for my stay.

Art Hotel Wroclaw – Poland


The bathroom had an average size and was well lit with a walk-in shower cabinet. Robes were provided as well as complimentary toiletries.


I can’t comment on the cuisine of the restaurant of the Art Hotel Wroclaw since I neither had breakfast here nor any other meal. Breakfast is charged extra by the way, but I stepped in the restaurant and I was staggered with the Flemish style.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quiet yet stylish hotel excellently placed for exploring the city, then the Art Hotel Wroclaw may be ideal for you. The hotel feels intimate and the service is personal. Ideal for business clientele and pleasure.

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Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Art Hotel Wroclaw during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.





  1. Wroclaw is such a beauty! I have never stayed at the Art Hotel, but I had dinner with a local friend, a couple of years back and it was indeed worth it, although expensive! Nice website by the way Popi…keep the good work up. I am glad I came across it and you can consider me one of your followers from now on.


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