Getting to dream destinations cheap is the dream of every traveller. How many of you started already dreaming of your coming holidays, wishing to manage to go somewhere really exotic this year but keep thinking seriously of the cost?  With this in mind, I will show you how to make huge savings before even landing to your dream destination.

Getting to Dream Destinations CheapThe majority of us know that it is a waste of money to go through travel agents. There is much commission behind, meaning that prices offered are usually higher than what you can find through the Internet. The truth is, this is how it would be if the travel agency undertakes to arrange the trip for you unless you do something to control them instead. See what I mean:

Getting to Dream Destinations Cheap

Getting to Dream Destinations Cheap

  • Step one -walk straight into the travel agency requesting for a price for the destination you are interested. In no time, they will give you the fastest route for them to find with no effort, adding the respective amount of commission of course.


  • The unique way to approach this is through the web. Use the flight search engine. Kayak and Expedia take a huge commission and seem to enjoy treating customers like fools. Compare Momondo or Skyscanner at the beginning. The cost can be huge. If you doubt try comparing Momondo and Skyscanner to Kayak or Expedia and see what comes up.


  • You have by now the cheapest option possible from Skyscanner. Print it out and get back to the travel agency. Let them know about your searching for prices on the net and request to hear the best price they can offer. They might insist that you give them the price you found, but don’t give in. At this point, they will try to undercut it by the minimum possible. They will do their best if they don’t know the price.


  • Once you manage to have their price, request that they print it out for you. You won’t have it printed unless they are amateur only because they wouldn’t want you to present it to another agency and get a better price. Of course, it is illegal for them to stifle competition, but they do it anyway!


  • Tell them that you want to go with your partner, but she will not take you seriously unless you show her a real quote. If they still refuse, request that they write the figure out on a piece of paper.


  • Now is the time to get to your second chosen travel agent and repeat what you told the first one. Of course, you can get to a third or fourth if you wish. You will come up with several quotes, and you take the cheapest to the most flexible and open agent and ask them to beat it.

Getting to Dream Destinations Cheap

Getting to Dream Destinations CheapBottom Line

And here we are! You have it by now by just using the competition of the marketplace to get the best price for the consumer.


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