There is no better time to explore the Cypriot countryside than the winter months when the parched land of the summer suddenly takes on an entirely different persona. Autumn is here and the leaves are beginning to turn, with trees taking on golden, amber and scarlet hues.


Photos from our short stay in Kalopanayiotis villageThe Magic of Winter Months in Cyprus


As the cooler months set in, the Island’s arid golden landscape slowly transforms into a luscious vibrant green, the peaks of the Troodos Mountains begin to shimmer with a touch of snow as they take on a new persona, while the milder temperatures see keen explorers head out into the great outdoors to discover endless splendors.

If mountain activities get your heart racing, head straight to the Troodos slopes and looming Mount Olympus once the first snow of the winter season covers the jagged peaks, reaching 2.000 metres above sea level. The ski and snowboarding season usually kicks off at the end of December and lasts until March.

You won’t be roasting, but you can still delight in warm rays under blue skies. The most adventurous streak can unleash their wild side with an array of sporting activities on offer.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding are fast becoming increasingly popular in the autumn and winter, with steady winds making Cyprus a true hot spot for water sports enthusiasts. Make a beeline for the areas of Mazotos in the Larnaca district, as well as Paramali and Pissouri in the Limassol district for the finest windswept beaches.

Spring on its way…

Spring tme in Cyprus

Spring in Platres is magical

Cyprus is a delightful place visit in the springtime when the chill of winter has mostly gone. Rainy days are less by now, the sky is blue and the sun is mostly out shining. It Troodos hillsides get green with the first rains and there is an abundance of wildflowers all over.

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  1. I could never imagined Cyprus had any snow at all.
    I never visited it so far but is in my bucket list already.


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