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Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino is probably the most popular out of all restaurants of the Resort and is situated at the Dunes Course Clubhouse. It enjoys breathtaking views of the countryside and the golf courses. You can expect piles of quality char-grilled meat, and is on the more expensive side but as it is said, we usually get what we pay!

Part of the Dunes Course Clubhouse

We were here for dinner and this was actually the first meal with the Press group. We are warmly welcomed by members of the management who join in with us.

The first 3 photos indicate the location of the restaurant where the view is truly breathtaking. The Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino is open all day and offers traditional golfers’ fare. It helps golf players to enjoy their round of golf and offers relaxation and refreshment on the sun drenched terrace after their round.

Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino

The table of our choice is nicely set by the terrace and two or three waiters take orders at the same time and recommend a few of the most popular cuts.


In the meantime the first appetizers arrive including different salads, dips and grilled Talagani (cheese) which stands out by far in taste. Highly recommended the Greek Salad with feta and the Signature one which is just as good.

Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino

Main Course

For the main course, I went with the Angus Beef Tenderloin and my husband had the Beef tenderloin. Everyone’s portions were big enough to feed 2 persons, the presentation creative, the taste and flavor luscious, but…! The Angus was not tender thus spoiled the high expectations I had with the result to leave it untouched. The Beef on the other hand was tender enough but lacking flavor and taste.

The Angus beef tenderloin

Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino

We combined the meal with Home wine, the Cabernet Sauvinion Kotyle. It is one of the several wines that is produced from the vineyards of the property.

The overall feeling of the first night’s tasting experience though was not disappointing counting in that everything else was perfect…but for the Angus beef tenderloin!

Back for lunch

We are here at the Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino the next day at the same terrace after a half day’s sight-seeing tour, all hungry and tired. The entire group goes for the catch of the day.

We are brought a lovely presentation with 3 or 4 types of homemade bread accompanied with the loveliest olives I have had for years, and virgin olive oil of exquisite taste! Greek olive Oil is of the highest quality here as in most parts of Greece.

The sauce in the bowls is made up of virgin olive oil blended with fresh lemon juice to be sprinkled on the Grilled Fish -catch of the day, we have ordered.

So, we pass on our orders to the waiters and enjoy some salads and local cheese with some wine waiting for the main course.

The above Burger was the choice of one member of the group who preferred to have this than fish.

The fresh Seabream fish were presented by the Chef untouched the moment they were removed from the grill. The great gesture was that the Chef takes them back to the kitchen after this presentation and brings them back to us after all bones are removed. What a lovely treat!

By the time the waiters are back the smell of freshness mingles in the air…as for the taste, indeed it was divine!



To finish off our meal we had coffee of course and shared different homemade dessert. The one below is one of the several we had.


In all, even if I was not that lucky with the meat of my choice the very first evening, trust me, it pays to try the cuisine of the Flame Restaurant Costa Navarino even for once! Expertly cooked steak dishes from finest quality locally sourced meat, complemented by the freshest ingredients, together with herbs and vegetables from the restaurant’s gardens. The same exactly stands for the catch of the day fish and seafood. Highly recommended!

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