Italian tastes at an Outdoor Cinema seating

Da Luigi Restaurant Costa Navarino is one of the main restaurants of the Westin Costa Navarino located on the main courtyard (the Agora) with mostly outdoor seating and a massive screen. It is a family favourite, so expect lots of kids around. The large screen and the huge space around keeps the kids entertained, whilst not intrusive.

Italian food is a surprisingly diverse cuisine. Each of the twenty Italian regions has a distinctive set of flavors, recipes, products, and ingredients. Italian dinners traditionally include an array of many small plates enjoyed in sucession rather than having everything in one or two courses. This is what our group had, so as to have an extended time in between, to savour our chosen food and company.

We started off with Appetizers and Salads and the food was exactly as we would expect for such a fine dining. We loved what we had and everything stood out in quality and flavour.

The Cherry Tomato presentation

Da Luigi Restaurant Costa Navarino

Not one diner of our group was disappointed! Along with fabulous menu and service the setting is very entertaining. With a massive screen from shows, to old movies and live entertainment, the dining area, indoors and outdoors and the amphitheatre, offer memorable dining experiences. On this particular evening there was pleasant music playing but not live. Children were playing but in distance without being a nuisance.

Besides the Da Luigi Restaurant Costa Navarino, in the Westin Resort Costa Navarino you have several restaurants á la carte, going from Libanese, Japanese, Greek, whose Chefs in all know well how to spoil their guests.

I like to nibble mostly, so this is my own dish tasting the Pappadelle with sausage and two types of Risotto. Rich in flavour all three were extremely yummy! Both Risottos were intensely savoury although slightly on the al dente side for my taste.


Our dessert choice could not be anything else other than the ever-popular Tiramisu. Literally it means “pick me up” and is composed of sweetened mascarpone and Marsala with espresso-soaked lady fingers. The presentation was great and it was bursting with flavour. I don’t have a sweet tooth myself, but I did have a bite or two and it was sweet to the extend that I like. The group and my husband mentioned that it was a fantastic pick!


Overall, we all enjoyed the authentic Italian creations and atmosphere of the Da Luigi Restaurant Costa Navarino. It is not quite a small village tavern, but it is certainly good value.The food was good and the service excellent. I can say that we all had a great evening, so for all the above reasons I highly recommend it.


Have you been to Da Luigi? What was your experience like? Your comments are welcomed



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