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How to get from Krakow Airport to City Centre is always the first thing that comes to mind if you are travelling for the first time to this destination. Visitors coming to Krakow can find the means of transport a bit complicated at first but using them after a while you understand that they are not that difficult. Having a local along for me was not a problem, but I still wanted to get acquainted with them so when on my own I won’t face many difficulties. The distance from Krakow Airport to City Centre is 15 km.

By Train

The easiest way was, of course, to get a taxi directly to the hotel but when I am abroad I like to move around as a local. With only one terminal for all flights, things are made simpler. My local friend recommended getting directly from the Airport to the City Center by train. One way costs 9zl pp. The journey takes between 15 -18 minutes.

 How we did it?

We carried our luggage and exit into the terminal where we spotted the electronic ticket machine which also accepts credit cards but better have some cash along. You can also buy your ticket onboard the train, so don’t worry if you are short of time to buy the ticket from the machine.

How to get from Krakow Airport to City Centre

We came across an escalator ramp and followed the skywalk to the left. At the end of it, we went through the doors and down to the right we got on the train platform. Any train from here goes to Krakow.

We went on the train and got a seat and a conductor showed up much later and checked our tickets. If somebody has no time to buy a ticket, he has two alternatives. He should either use the automated machine on board or just take a seat and wait for a conductor and buy his ticket directly from him.

How to get from Krakow Airport to City Centre

The majority of travellers get off at the stop Dworzec Glowny or Main Station. If this is where you are heading to, you will be dropped at Platform 3. Just follow the signs to get through Galeria Krakowska and onto the streets of Krakow. This was also where we had to get off since our hotel was close by.

By Bus

Buses 292, 208 or 902 at night. Get off at the closest stop to the Main Square, the Dworzec Główny Wschód. It is located behind Galeria Krakowska (Shopping Mall) and in the Main Bus Station terminal.

Buy Zone I or Zone II ticket, depending on where you are heading to. If you are going to another bus or tram in between to reach your destination the 60 or 90-minute ticket will do.

Some Extra Tips

Trams and Buses in the City Centre

Tickets for the tram are bought from a machine on board. If on a bus you notice that there is no machine, you can buy directly from the bus driver. For 5zł. you can buy a 60-minute ticket, a full day option or longe pass. Such tickets work for trams as well.

Once you buy a one-timed ticket (bus and tram) you should validate it through the yellow machine. Students can purchase discount tickets of course.

Moving around in the city you need a Zone I ticket.

You can buy your ticket for the entire stay if you wish. If you are spending a longer period then a month’s tram card is preferable.

You do not need to show anyone your ticket but you should carry it along. It is extremely important that you validate your ticket because officers occasionally get on the busses and trams and ask to see them. If you don’t have the proper one or your ticket is not validated you will be fined.

Bus 304 –Salt Mines route

You will need to buy a Zone II ticket for this route.

It is a route that the authority checks are more frequent!


Best Taxi Service

iCar is much cheaper than regular taxis, plus reliable service!

Drivers provide users with a password so nobody steals their taxi.

Call them at +48 12 653 55 55.


Radio Taxi Barbakan Tel: 196-61 or 609-400-400.


The Uber Cheaper But… (?)

An alternative is the Uber (much loathed by Krakow’s taxi companies).

Uber offers one-tap, cashless transport via their popular worldwide mobile applications.

Drawback: Not all drivers have the same permission as regular cab drivers and there are times they are unable to take their customers as close to their destinations or get you there as directly; such is the trade-off for cheaper rates.


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