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7 Food Sins Gastro Pub is a great addition to the Athens scene with a fantastic selection of beers from around the world. Our entire experience achieved perfection, from the food to the service to the atmosphere & the attitude. The unerringly stellar service left us both feelings of being pampered and valued. A super-hospitable and well-trained about beers and food waiting staff. We arrived at 7:30 pm and it was past 11:00 when we left, enjoying our evening outing.

7 Food Sins You will find prominent beer collection and several cocktails. We had a great beer advice from Kostas the sommelier, who knows well the secrets and ingredients of each kind. Beers were fantastic and served out in their proper glasses, but there is an interesting list of wines as well.

7 Food Sins Gastro Pub

Upper Floor

7 Food SinsThe menu has been created by the Chef Tasos Stefatos, -a longtime associate of Ektoras Botrini. Clearly influenced by his mentor, he creates a series of playful street food, mostly whimsy combinations that are interesting and rather tasty. While here, I meet the Chef of the restaurant Costa, and we have an interesting chat about the dishes that I describe below. In the capacity of a Food Critic, I attempt to describe the feeling of dining out here, the different tastes, the service and everything that goes with it.

7 Food Sins Gastro Pub

7 Food SinsLocated in the heart of the historic neighbourhood of Athens, right on the Square, the restaurant enjoys a view of the rock of the Acropolis. Its pleasant and inviting atmosphere makes it the most promising spot for what it serves. We start off with a flavoursome appetizer from the Salad choices. Crispy Round Tuna salad is so refreshing! The Cod Fish Tempura, with potato chips and Tarama mousse. A presentation beyond imagination fresh cod smelling like the sea!


7 Food Sins
The Crispy Round Tuna salad

Following the international tendencies, the menu includes some Greek dishes with a twist; the grilled version of the Greek salad, the Inside-out Souvlaki or the tempting modern expression of the traditional Greek Mousaka. Innovative dishes presented with top fresh ingredients and flavours.

7 Food Sins Gastro Pub

7 Food Sins
Cof Fish Tempura

The creations and fusion between traditional and new styles hit the bull’s eye! Of course, in all cases, we have the matching beer to accompany each dish.

7 Food SinsSmoked Salmon with Lemon Basis sorbet

Main course

7 Food Sins
A playful presentation of the Crunchy Mousaka

Thumbs up for the superb taste of the Shepherd’s Pie. We are informed about the ingredients and they are cut for us and placed into our plates in the form of forkful bites, to get the whole taste of each ingredient.

7 Food Sins

Main Course

7 Food SinsFor the main course we opt for the Pork No Bone -The Porchetta-style Pork Roast is finger-licking good. Deliciously moist and so tender that it almost melts in the mouth. Veal Spare Ribs with mashed potatoes.


7 Food Sins7 Food SinsWe accompany our meal with the matching beers of course….what else! Kostas is a professional so be sure to count in his tips regarding the right pairing.


7 Food SinsWe opted for the Apple Strudel which was paired with Cinamon Caramel Ice cream and had the right sweetness and crunch. A mouthwatering delight. Go for it!

Bottom Line

The inspired menu left me excited. If you love beer and good food, this is the place to be. Our own experience at 7 Food Sins Gastro Pub was amazing in every way. I definitely recommend this unique restaurant to anyone visiting Athens.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the 7 Food Sins Gastro Pub during this visit, but the opinions expressed in this article are, as always my own.


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Have you been to this Gastro Pub? What did you like best? Your comments are always welcomed




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