I approached the Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Company because their products are all built-in formulae without parabens, waxes, and silicones. A few days before visiting Sofia, I turned my skin over to Bulgaria’s first producer of natural rose products.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoLike you, I had the feeling that it’s better to invest in great skincare than spend a fortune on cosmetics to cover things up. Through the years though, I have learned that you don’t necessarily have to pay so much money to have a nice skin. A few great basics, paired with some active treatment products will do the job.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoWorking from home, I kept neglecting taking care of my face for a whole year and only recently felt my skin was in the worst ever condition. Since I wanted to see quick results for this trial I narrowed it down to just one specific targeted skincare concern. I wanted my skin to be moisturized again with the proper product to offer the best possible hydration.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoI heard friends from Cyprus, raving about products from the Bulgarian Rose Company, so before my recent trip to Sofia I made a kind of survey, checked the reliability, the story behind the Bulgarian Rose Company, and the nature of products produced.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoIt is noticeable a great business, established in 1948 and one of the first manufacturers of cosmetics with natural Bulgarian rose oil and rose water. Today Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Cosmetics has several cosmetic lines. The properties of natural Bulgarian rose oil and rose water are a prime part. The products of the Bulgarian Rose Karlovo are for all skin types, dry and sensitive skin. You get lost in one such store!

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoThe Bulgarian Rose Company takes its products very seriously, by the efficacy of their ingredients, so I had to try appropriate products to see what would best treat one of my most significant skincare concerns. For a few weeks, I observed the changes that took place…

The Little Museum

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoBulgarian Rose KarlovoBulgarian Rose KarlovoI Switched to Lady’s Joy Luxury Skin Care for 3 Weeks. Here’s what Happened…

Lady’s Joy –Luxury Skin Care

My Skincare heroes!

Lady’s Joy Luxury Serum for Face -30 ml

The site reads: Effective 3 in 1 action improving synthesis of collagen in the skin. Rich in active ingredients, successfully controls the amount of collagen fibers and skin elasticity. Provides an optimal level of hydration and protects skin from premature ageing. The surface of the skin remains vibrant, smooth and rejuvenated.

Active ingredients -organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, ceramides sphingosine, and olive oil. Parabens free.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoSerums, in general, are supposed to produce more visible results in less time than a simple moisturizer since their active ingredients are highly concentrated. With this in mind, I decided to wear it on its own for a whole week knowing that I would be working from home those days. I started my regimen using it twice daily, beginning on a Saturday, and by the following Friday, -I began to see the first results.

TIP: To help the serum penetrate more deeply, I used a trick I learned from a SPA to achieve a lift-effect face massage that would enhance the effects of the serum. What I usually do, is to apply a few drops of the product and spread it on my face using both hands from the centre towards the edges, using long, upward sweeping movements.

Lightweight and pleasant, the Face Serum left a non-greasy finish, and my skin started looking fresh and hydrated. The results from my test proved that I could efficiently use the serum on its own if I remained indoors, adding four drops twice daily instead, as an alternative when out!

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoLady’s Joy Luxury Anti-Aging Face Cream -50 ml

The site reads: Provides hydration and daily comfort. The combination of natural extracts and oils increases the skin’s natural defenses and restores its elasticity and density. With its powerful antioxidant action, it slows cell aging and reactivates the synthesis of collagen, decorin, and hyaluronic acid. The skin regains its vitality and looks rejuvenated.

Active ingredients: – organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, moringa oil, babassu oil, polysaccharides. Parabens free.

The Face cream is suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive. Ideal for women over 35-40 years of age.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoI started wearing this anti-aging cream the second week on top of the Face Serum. The cream is light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and basks a pleasant fragrance of roses. It is the 3rd week I am using it, and already my skin is intensely hydrated and started to regain its vitality. Along with the use of the Face Serum the results are even better. The combination of black pearl properties and natural extracts and oils helped increased the elasticity and density of my skin and smoothed fine lines.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoLady’s Joy Luxury Serum Around Eyes -30 ml

The site reads: Gentle care for delicate skin around the eyes. Tenderly hydrates, refreshes and improves its elasticity, while effectively reducing wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Active ingredients – organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, pea extract, collagen. Parabens free.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoI started using the Eye serum twice daily especially if I had to be outdoors. This product gets down into your skin and penetrates several more layers than just the top. It sinks in quickly and leaves my eye area moisturized and soothed. I am using it regularly for a month now, and the serum not only reduced the signs of fine lines but created the skin’s elasticity, not to mention that I noticed a considerable improvement on the clarity of my skin.

The Results!

Fine lines are now less visible since I started using the Lady’s Luxury Skin Care products. The two serums come in a lovely little glass-bottle with a pump. Most serums come in small pots that you have to dip your finger to get it.  I am very picky about this type of thing… I usually wash my hands about several times during a regular makeup application process, but I don’t like feeling that I HAVE to!  The pump takes away all of my worries with germs, and for that I am thankful.

Bulgarian Rose KarlovoShould I buy Lady’s Joy Luxury Skin Care Products again?

Absolutely yes! While I think the entire regimen I used contributed to the overall results, the three hero products are what really treated my primary concerns. Those are three products I will keep in regular rotation, regardless of what skincare products I’m using — because they really worked. Combining them together, I made sure my skin was repairing itself around the clock. I now feel comfortable going out after a year’s of sheer negligence and I highly recommend them.


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