Carluccio’s Pearl Qatar Restaurant is a casual nice place for al fresco dining, lunch and breakfast. We were out enjoying a stroll by the Pearl Marina that day and as we were passing by the restaurant we decided to stop for lunch and give it a try. I had heard of Carluccio years back and seen him on TV once so my expectations on this name were higher. I had the feeling that negative comments on TripAdvisor come from people who might exaggerate.

Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha

So, we are at Caluccio’s Pearl Qatar Restaurant for  lunch on this lovely day trying to spot a nice seat out by the open terrace and continue enjoy the stunning view while having our meal. Wide and pleasant as it is the terrace is the best part of the restaurant and unfortunately the only highlight. There were so many flies outdoors that the waiter himself suggested we sit inside instead, so we move indoors

Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha

Part of the interior reminded us of the Mac Donald’s, while at the other end there was a deli counter with variety of Italian delicacies, pastas, Olive oil, Cookery books and different sauces, all bearing the name of the founder

Carluccio’s Pearl Qatar Restaurant – Doha

We were four and had a Cheese Bread spread for a starter and the Caesar Salad Chic, topped with flakes of cheese but all four of us found it flat, lacking flavour


Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha

My choice was a classic Risotto (mixed with seafood) prawns, squid rings and mussel, some chili and clams. I had a bite or two and left it untouched. It was obvious that seafood was frozen and had a peculiar smell

Main Course

Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha

The Chicken and Lemon risotto was left untouched too. We did not have everything coming the same time, so each dish was brought separately. By now, the other two were anxious to see what their dish would be like

Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha

The Milanese was the third choice and was the only dish that was slightly ok. We were so disappointed choosing to have lunch out here. We could have moved on and get anywhere else but not at this restaurant. The very last dish was the Giardiniera. It was Schnitzel which was over cooked thus lost its tenderness and moist.  We had Pepsi and a bottle of water and the bill reached the €65.00 for this junk we had. For the quality, the atmosphere, the poor service it was too much. The service was extremely poor and the waiters were amateur with no initiative. They would move around idly as if lost!Carluccio’s Restaurant Doha


All in all, avoid this trap uless you come here for the view. This business might have a great location in one of the chic and most popular spots of Doha, but don’t forget that Carluccio’s  Pearl Qatar Restaurant is a chain bearing the name of the owner only and it is not the Carluccio himself who prepares the dishes anyway! I highly recommend the Flying Carpet restaurant of the Torch Doha.


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Have you been to this restaurant? How did you like it? Your comments count a lot!



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