Cyprus beauty is beyond compare as the island is a year-round holiday destination, popular for its yearlong sunshine, its warm beaches and attractions. Howerver, there are so many other reasons to consider your next vacation in Cyprus. Born in Cyprus myself, it is my oasis and earthly paradise! I could very easily create a never-ending list, but I am going to expand on this in coming articles. I have already posted about family attractions, the magic of winter months, Adonis nature trail, and there are more to come. The truth is, after visiting Cyprus once, you shall definitely want to return to the sun-kissed paradise-island for more! It doesn’t really matter which side of the island you pick your ‘base’ since you can move around in really short time. Here, see what I mean…

Ease of Access

Cyprus is a destination that is well served by the major airline carriers and airports of Europe. With a flight time of fewer than five hours from the UK and Ireland to Larnaca and Paphos Airport, it has never been more affordable and easier to get to Cyprus.

Enjoying Life at a Slower Pace

Within a truly welcoming environment, Cyprus gives you the time and the freedom to enjoy life at a slower pace.  Small enough to ensure that a new experience is always close by, but large enough to provide attractions for all ages and lifestyles, Cyprus offers every pleasure under the sun. With its sun-drenched beaches, its ancient wonders and mouth-watering food, there’s a lot to love about this stunningly beautiful Mediterranean island.

Cyprus Beauty and Attractions

Stretch out on the beach, swim in crystal-clear waters, try every water sport known to man, wander unspoiled nature trails, and explore awe-inspiring ancient landmarks. Experience vibrant nightlife, whether in traditional taverns, gourmet restaurants, cosmopolitan bars, five-star hotels or stylish clubs. Relax in exquisite health spas or tone up in state-of-the-art gymnasiums, play on world-class golf courses, or simply sit back and watch the world go by…

Warm Welcoming

Cypriots are well known for their exceptional hospitality and friendly nature. They are open-hearted, smile a lot, have the habit of talking loud, but will make their visitors feel at home. Just for the record, as a Cypriot myself, I will add that Cypriots are not only warm and friendly but believe me they are open-minded as well. When you get to Cyprus try to blend with locals and feel what is really to be a Cypriot for a while. So, back to the warm welcoming; don’t be surprised to be invited in their homes out of the blue. They do it because they feel it.

Cyprus Beauty and Attractions

The majority of Cypriots speaks English fluently…even the very old generation speaks English quite well. Cypriots won’t hesitate to help you and they will do it with pleasure if they can. I bet if you happen to stay for a while in Cyprus, especially at Cypriot villages and the time comes for you to return home, you will be sad to leave behind friends. This beautiful homely feeling of the authentic Cypriot hospitality will stay for you forever and I believe will be one of the many reasons to return. Don’t forget…Cypriot hospitality is legendary!

Stunning Beaches

Cyprus is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts to be found anywhere in the world. Rest assured you will have clear blue or turquoise waters and golden sands.

From the quiet, clean sands of Pissouri Bay to the party atmosphere of Nissi Beach at Ayia Napa, to the Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca, there is a great mix of shingle, sand and pebble beach to choose from in Cyprus. The Akamas Peninsula and Protaras, each of these resorts are home to fantastic beaches that are just waiting to be explored.


Cyprus has enjoyed a rich and varied history, with many civilizations thriving on the islands. Many invaders, settlers and immigrants have come here over the centuries, and the island has seen Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans, Genoese, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Turks seek to take a part of Cyprus for themselves. Cypriots are proud of their nation and feel a strong sense of national identity. The division of their island in 1974 is viewed by many as a temporary setback, and Cypriots look to the day when Cyprus will be a united island once again.

Tourist Attractions

To count a few significant tourist attractions; Paphos Mosaics, Kolossi, Aphrodite’s Rock. The most compelling attractions lie a day-trip away – in the Limassol foothills, in the capital Nicosia, or even offshore. Motorways and most secondary roads are excellent, and none of the following is more than two hours from any of the coastal trio.

Sunrises / Sunsets

I’ve captured the Cyprus sunrise and sunsets in hundreds of shots, and the best is not only in Paphos as stated in some websites. They are beautiful from every corner of the island. Be sure not to miss them!

Cypriot Cuisine

Cypriot food is something that has to be experienced throughout your holiday and be sure to try the Cyprus Meze.  Typical Cyprus dishes are a merging of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern and African dishes. The local cuisine involves fruits and herbs, appetizers, a variety of salads and mouthwatering desserts. Traditional recipes are not rare and have been passed down from generation to generation. Home cooking is a strong custom and tradition.

Cyprus Beauty and Attractions

When on the island, be sure to try the Cyprus Mezze, which in general is a selection of Cypriot foods that make up a meal, and in total can comprise up to 30 small courses! Meze dishes usually contain meat and fish dishes, along with fruits and salad. If you enjoy fish, you will be guaranteed some fine dishes, as Cyprus is one of the most important fishing locations of the Mediterranean. Exotic dishes like squids, octopus and red mullet are popular catches of the day wherever you go!

Local Wines

If you need a good wine to add to your meal, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Cyprus! It is estimated that Cypriot wine has been produced for over 4,000 years due to the favourable climate – the production of the sweet red wine called Commandaria, which has been produced for over 700 years.

Tourists are fond of wine tasting tours to the local winery estates. Island-wide, there are more than 50 recognized wineries many of which enjoy breathtaking mountain or sea views. Such visits are usually most awarding and taste bud tantalizing day outing.

Take a trip to a couple of these amazing wineries, walk their hilly landscapes, enjoy the Cyprus mountain air but at the same time savour the best wines the island of Cyprus has to offer. I bet you will return home with a couple of bottles to continue the enjoyment back home!

Fantastic Scenery

Cyprus is home to some magnificent scenery. The island is a paradise for walkers and trekkers, and walking holidays can be enjoyed all year round.

There are a great variety of walks available for the tourist – from hillside paths that are located in the Troodos Mountains, to paths along the coast and nature trails around the island.

Some of the best views available are in the Platres, in the Troodos Mountains, together with the Akamas Peninsula.

Adventure Holidays

The Troodos Mountains is a place where you can ski in winter, and enjoy the stunning views of Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Cyprus.

The wonderful villages throughout the Troodos Mountains are home to ten UNESCO listed world heritage painted churches.

Cyprus Beauty and Attractions

Panayia tou Araka is a classic example, located near the village of Lagoudera. Have in mind that photography is not allowed in any of these churches and all visitors should be appropriately dressed.


Cyprus is well known for its brilliant nightlife, suitable for all tastes, so if that is your thing, you will be well catered for.  Summertime fun takes a whole new meaning in Cyprus. Music is non-stop just as dancing, drinks, lovely climate, great food, funky onshore clubs and lovely people enough to create a magical night on the island. If you want some nightlife that is off the beaten tourist track, simply visit the fishing villages along the coast for some romantic seclusion. You will be guaranteed a great welcome and a wonderful Cypriot experience.

Great Golfing

If you fancy a few holes on the green, Cyprus has plenty for you to consider! Some courses are as good as championship standard.

Surrounded by Ancient Heritage

Cyprus is steeped in history, and wherever you go you will be surrounded by the ancient mysteries of the island. The museums of the island are a good place to start to learn all about Cyprus.

Check out the Byzantine Museum, The Archaeological Museum in Ano Paphos and the Ethnographical Museum. The World Heritage Site at The Tomb of the Kings is a great place to view the relics of the Greek and Roman past that date back to the 3rd Century BC.

The ruins of New Paphos will enthral you – an earthquake once destroyed this ancient city that dates from the 4th Century BC. Be mesmerized by the famous Paphos Mosaics here at the Odeion. The open-air theatre has also been restored, while halfway between Larnaca and Limassol are the stone-age settlements of Choirokitia.

What are your impressions from Cyprus?


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