Living permanently in Hawaii is not exactly how several people dream of it. Beautiful sunrises if living on the east side, a gentle, balmy trade wind blowing. You’re sitting on your lanai sipping a fresh cup of hot Kona coffee mesmerized by the changing array of colours of the sunrise.

Is this what you think it’s like living permanently in Hawaii? Well yeah, it is. If you want, every day can be like this, but you can do that at any tropical location.

Living Permanently in Hawaii

Living permanently in Hawaii is different in many ways than other tropical locations. I love it here! The scent of Plumeria blossoms fills the air while eating a freshly sliced strawberry Papaya with a little squeeze of lime juice. Your husband is bringing in a coconut he just opened, one hand a glass of fresh enriching coconut water and other hand is a bowl of sweet spoon meat of a young coconut.

After getting used to driving around finding where you are and how to get around without using Google maps.

Eating & Drinking

You’ve eaten at many of the restaurants, perused different 5-star hotels, drank their famous Mai Tai’s, swam in the hotel pools, checked out local beaches, and slowed down to a relaxing pace. You become accustomed to the ways of the people and find it very pleasant.

Living Permanently in Hawaii

The food is diverse with a fusion of East and West cultures and their cuisine.

Hula Classes

Hula classes, Lei making classes, Hawaiian cooking classes, Hawaiian Luaus, Organic gardening, yoga, horseback riding, lots of hiking in beautiful, breathtaking sightseeing areas. Things to do daily for all ages.

Living Permanently in Hawaii

Lots of different entertainment you can find daily, museums to wander around amusing your art interests, be it cultural, or historical, they are on all islands.


I try to find a friend that is going out for the day. Some friends have smaller 12′ to 19′ boat, so we can’t go too far out, but the action is still good with excellent tasty fish. Fishing is prevalent on all the islands since we have many varieties of species; all taste delicious and it is lots of fun catching them. You can charter a boat for the day or use a smaller kayak if you like.

And then there is spear fishing, they free dive, holding their breath and spear the fish of their choice. Holding their breath up to 5 minutes. Using only fins, and a diving mask. Another favourite way to catch fish is using a net. You will see local Hawaiians casting large fishnets netting whatever is there at the time.

And shore fishing, it’s a casual event done during the day or at night. Night fishing is more fun for me; I get to bring the crew down, set up the barbeque, get the fire pit going and see what we can catch. I sometimes find small fish with a handheld net to use as live bait, casting out, letting it swim to catch fish.


Snorkelling is lots of fun at many excellent locations throughout the islands, some better than others. Using a mask, snorkel and some use fins but not necessary. You see an array of colours of small fish and some bigger like the parrotfish, Reef Triggerfish, and minor fish aquarium size like the yellow tang, angelfish, yellow longnose butterflyfish, eels, just to name a few, and turtles.

I was snorkelling at Anini beach on Kauai with my son, and he spots a big turtle.  He gets my attention, so I start looking for it but not seeing it. As I began to stand up to ask where it is in about 5‘ of water he says no Dad, you’re going to stand on him not realizing it was right below me, so I look again, and it was huge, about 4′ wide or more. It had to be over a hundred yrs old. You don’t see many of them, so auspicious seeing a creature like this, so old and alive.

Living Permanently in Hawaii


The mountains are rugged and harsh, accessible by Quads, Horseback, motorbike, or by foot. Nothing out their but wild pig, wild goats, and some islands have deer, so there is excellent hunting.

They use rifles, bow, and arrows or just a knife for the wildman in the group. Of course, there is the lush natural beauty of jungle-like terrain, waterfalls, and streams.

Beach Activities

I don’t think I have to mention surfing; some of the best world-class surfing spots in Hawaii. The size and the shape of the waves are phenomenal. One of the first things you feel is the energy in the water.

As you take off on one of these waves, shooting down the face of the swell, as the lip shoots out covering you, locked in the tube you come blasting out, feeling the force of the spray on your back as the wave crashes behind you. Kick out to go back out in search for another.

Spectacular Sunsets

What better way to end a day in paradise than to view the most magical sunsets in the world?

Whatever it is you like to do, make it your own experience and make it as joyful as possible. Island life on the Hawaiian Islands can be the best years a person can have. Relaxed, feeling free as the tropical breeze, the life of leisure.

Freshly sliced papaya anyone?

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