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Polka Restaurant in Warsaw is located in the city’s Old Town district, owner of which is Magda Gesslel, a Polish television persona. Magda Gessler, is known for presenting ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and judging in Master Chef. Impressed when a year earlier I stepped inside to see just the interior, I was intrigued with the atmosphere and decided to visit. On this second trip to Poland and while in Warsaw staying at the H15 Boutique Hotel, I arranged to have lunch here. The decor accentuates the high-quality versions of traditional Polish food which issue from the kitchen including blood sausage, pork shanks on cabbage, and crispy duck in honey.

Celebrity chef Magda Gessler loves to fit out her restaurants with folksy floral wallpaper and rustic wooden tables, and this Old Town venue is no exception. Her many restaurants throughout the country resemble works of art, not only in its culinary aspects. She is talented in refining and updating traditional recipes as well as creating opulent, beautifully decorated spaces

Polka Restaurant – Warsaw

Polka Restaurant in Warsaw Poland is situated in a converted house, right at the end of the Royal Castle’s square, in the heart of the Old Town. It is definitely a restaurant with character -colourful, charming and opulent interior of that of noble Polish mansions of the past. From the exterior it does not seem that spacious, yet it is. It is separated in numerous rooms, and each one is named after a colour

I observed simplicity in the way tables are set, but they lack table clothes. On the other hand this is how it is meant to be. Simplicity in Polish style, multi-color, friendly and cozy ambience. Exactly the right atmosphere!

The charming and beautifully interior on the whole is created with attention to the least detail

Velvet curtains in different shapes, colour and designs hang from the windows, or decorate archways and corners. Friendly, professional and discreet staff. Pawel was expecting me, and was very polite and could speak English well. He showed me around and helped me find a table of my choice. On the whole waiters could do better with punctuality of serving if  they were a few more. This was the only downside I came across

Polka Restaurant – Warsaw

Colorful and opulent interior of that of noble Polish mansions of the past.

Lunch by the Patio

I could not stop taking photos out here. Choosing to have my meal at the patio was a great idea. With ample of natural light coming through its glass roof, the patio created a feeling of having lunch at a summer garden!

So, here I am on my own this time, and in the capacity of a food critic I am ready to enjoy another culinary tasting experience of traditional Polish cuisine


I opted for both, a hot but also a cold starter; the Classic Herring and the Potato Cake. My hot choice was tasty all right, but what made it exceptionally good was the pairing lush creamy Mushroom Sauce that I chose to accompany the Potato Cake with -scrumptious and mouthwatering with great texture and flavour!

The classic Herring is a typical Polish dish with a briny and kind of souring taste, appetizing and yummy!

Sour Soup

 The Sour soup with egg was superb while the Smoked Sausage added a great balance and the right amount of saltiness to the dish

Main Course

As for the main, I opted for the Thyme marinated Filet Steak which I highly recommend.  Nicely presented, tenderly juicy, it was bursting with flavor. The hint of spice and the side combination makes it irresistible. This exceptional dish can be perfectly accompanied with the Creamy Mushroom Sauce I had earlier. Normally I skip lunch especially if I am invited for a culinary tasting experience so I skip wine or beer and accompany the meal with a coke here. Be sure to check the separate article on the dinining experience I had at the Signature restaurant.


To finish off the meal of course, I had to sample at least one of their tasty sounding desserts. The ‘Karpataka’ a Polish Carpathian Mountain cake was my choice but it was in high demand and there was nothing left, so I thought to try their homemade Apple Pie instead. The portion was huge and I skipped the whipped cream and enjoyed the rest. I accompanied and enjoyed my dessert with a flavoursome cup of strong coffee which was amazing!


The overall culinary experience at the Polka Restaurant -Warsaw was great. ‘Polka’ is definitely a place to return. I highly recommend it to all friends and followers. Be sure to drop by if you happen to be in Warsaw and try their culinary courses and delights which are simply divine.The Polka restaurant – Warsaw, for superb traditional Polish tastes with twist. I truly enjoyed my lunch and I am sure you will too.

Reserve Your Table  +48 22 635 35 35

Have you tried the cuisine of Polka? What was your experience like? What dish do you recomment? We would love to hear your comments

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