Authentic Lebanese!

Le Cedre 84 Restaurant in Warsaw offers authentic traditional Lebanese Cuisine with Oriental interior with great vibe and a relaxed atmosphere -a subtle style of Phoenician decoration where dishes are served in a traditional setting that completes this Lebanese experience

Le Cedre 84 Restaurant – Warsaw

To see the diversity of this cuisine, order the balbaak (six cold starters) or the byblos (six hot). I was expected to come for dinner the night before but something popped up and I had to arrange to come for lunch at least the following day!

Being a Food critic myself I am very picky and I judged from reviews that the Cedre 84 won’t disappoint me. My instinct proved right once again. I was warmly welcomed by Tony, the Lebanese owner and we had a little chat over the Diversified Menu, the ingredients used and the Lebanese Cuisine in general, which I happen to like a lot. The cuisine travelled me..see in what way!

Le Cedre 84 Restaurant – Warsaw

It is all the matter of taste and from a glance I had on the menu I noticed the great variety of starters, grilled or stewed meat (lamb, beef, chicken), vegetables, delicious desserts to fit perfectly with the different tastes. The interior is a magenta masterpiece and sets the scene for you to explore the hefty menu, and I can’t wait to start tasting the Lebanese dishes.

At nicely set table, I start off with an array of cold and warm mezze, followed by a grilled meat assortment, each with its own discreet taste. The warmth and its Mediterranean identity which is hidden as a surprise in every bite was tempting to the eye but above all, the palate

Particularly for this restaurant with the so many names written on the menu-list, the many flavours and colours I will do an exception. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I leave the photos show how incredible everything is

Appetizers – I did not particularly liked the raw meat on the left!

The Lebanese cuisine has intense flavours!

The pita bread was just as superb as the dishes, not to mention the grilled Halloumi cheese that excited me as a Cypriot myself. I could never imagine having it in Poland, hundreds of miles away from my county


The idea of skipping dessert was turned down. The owner insists that he is absolutely sure that I would love it….and he was so right. He joins me for coffee as well. Dessert was indeed exceptional and stood out by far compared to the rest of desserts I had in Poland. See the photo and ask for it….So yummy!


I particularly liked Le Cedre 84 not just for its incredible food but also for its impeccable service and more importantly the feelings you get to attach with it. Enjoyed authentic tastes and top level service. My recommendation: though most Lebanese cuisine fans prefer the entrees like shawarma, your best bet is to mix and match hot and cold starters, of which there’s a dazzling array. The whole philosophy of the Lebanese cuisine is to share and share alike, making it an uniquely engaging experience when dining with friends. Hurry, make your booking and let the tastes carry you!

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How do you like the Lebanese Cuisine? What is your favourite dish? Have you been to Le Cedre 84? Your comments are always welcomed!



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